While shooting a 3-way scene a couple of weeks ago we noticed two of the guys couldn’t keep their eyes or hands off each other all day and when they said they’d love to come back and fuck each other we of course set to arranging it as soon as possible … and this week, on a bright and sunny Wednesday, they got together again.
Spring was in the air, which made the guys even more frisky and though it wasn’t what you’d call warm outside, they were soon getting naked in the yard and making their own fun… we hadn’t requested this, it just happened… but it looked damn sexy so we started snapping away and it turned into an impromptu duo gallery. A great one too! What a little sunshine and horniness can do eh?

This morning was different again… We’d spotted Nik on a networking site and he sounded like a lad who was looking for new experiences. Though he’d never been naked in front of a camera before he was well up for the idea.
He’s 32, English, has sparkling blue eyes and a taught, toned body, which is all just about perfect for us…
Nik’s straight and only wants do perform solo, but we’ve nothing against straight men (in fact a couple of our hottest solo performances have been from straight men – remember Vince Velvet and Jase Snakes?!) so we invited him to come and share his best bits with us.
So Nik arrived at the studio bright and early this morning with his sparkling eyes, taught body, his cheeky smile, his wife…
Stripping naked for us fellas, playing with your foreskin, showing your smooth arse to the camera and shooting a big sticky load alll over the mirror while your wife watches t.v. a few feet away must have been a new experience for Nik. It was for us!

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