Hot Aussie Woody Fox Massaged Inside And Out

Woody Fox is the type of guy who is simply put, irresistible. Up to now, the adorable and sexy Aussie has been top. But in this fantasy scenario — straight from Woody’s sometimes pervy mind — his massage takes an unexpected turn and Woody ends up on the bottom, massaged inside AND out! It’s a “massage gone bad,” as if that could ever be, with stunning, big-dicked guy-next-door Dan Broughton. Woody offers up his toned sexy body and very tight hole to Dan’s talented fingers, tongue and big, fat uncut cock. Woody’s brave, eager struggling is incredibly sexy as he squeezes that big tool inside him. And it all ends in a gloriously sweaty, gummy, sticky mess. Woody might be an inexperienced bottom but he seems to be getting the hang of it.

Alan Probe Is The New Doc In Town

Doctor P.Q. Leer might be gone but now, there’s a NEW doctor in town! And take it from us…okay, okay, take it from Jace Tyler…Dr. Alan Probe is every bit as good as the last one. Even if he does have a — pardon the pun — a peculiar name. But what’s in a name, you might ask? Well, don’t think too hard. It’s just what you would expect. Jace pays the new doctor a visit for an arm injury. Wink, wink. More like wrist strain. The good Dr. Probe wastes little time in examining Jace’s arm, moving quickly to his area of expertise…ASS! Before long, he’s got Jace’s asshole stretched wide open with a series of purple translucent butt plugs. During his anal exam, Jace opens the doc’s fly and sucks the big, fat uncut cock. Then Dr. Probe decides to use his most effective instrument on Jace’s stretched hole; his cock! Surely you didn’t think it was anything else? He gives his patient a deep and thorough fucking and, amazingly, Jace’s arm is healed in record time. No doubt he’ll spread the word to his mates and Dr. Probe’s office will soon be filled with horny guys wanting the doc’s “special” treatment.

Riley Tess Challenged By Hung, Merciless Fucker Daniel James

In the past, UKNakedMen has pushed Riley Tess to his limits. However, it seems that each time he’s reached capacity, he only wants more. So this time we called the Jonnostore and ordered “The Big Gun.” Monster hung Daniel James is paired in this scene with cock-hungry Riley and we just love that tight foreskin and pale slab of meat! Insatiable, super-bottom Riley takes on not only Daniel’s big-uncut tool but one of the biggest dildos we’ve every used. Daniel is huge and a merciless fucker as he stretches Riley with his monster cock, certainly more than Riley’s ever been stretched before! He loosens Riley using his dick then ruins his hole with the huge toy. It’s clear Riley struggles with the big-dicked, merciless fucker but it’s also obvious he loves that stretching feeling. The pig STILL wins!

Flip Flopping Fetish Fuckers

One of the bendiest, stretchiest, and flexible men in town has got to be stunningly handsome Misha Dante. And now he’s here, on UKNaked Men in his very first SIZZLING duo! When he spreads for Alfie Stone, this horny fucker REALLY spreads! Which only makes Alfie just as eager to slam his dick into Misha’s hole as he is to take Misha’s thick, uncircumcised dick into his own cock hungry, yearning man-cunt. After plenty of anal play, cock sucking, and hole rimming, Misha slam fucks Alfie until he can no longer hold back. He shoots his steaming seed in Alfie’s face but…WOAH! He’s not finished yet. After shooting his wad, the fucking continues. This time with Alfie relentlessly pounding Misha before unloading his own creamy goods all over Misha’s taut, hairy belly. And the entire time? Misha is rock hard. The true sign of a completely filthy cock whore!