Sole Worship With Paul Walker and Bruno Fox

This week, UKNakedMen is pleased to feature Bruno Fox and Paul Walker. We explore one of Bruno’s long-term fantasies about servicing a hot, hung straight boy. When he found out who he would be filming with, the super-sexed foot fetishist jumped at the chance to play bottom to the stunning Paul. Then again, take a look at his stiff, veiny cock. Even the strictest of tops would have difficulty saying no to flipping for the sexy young hunk! Bruno bends over double and spreads his tight hole for Paul’s mighty meat. Oh, yes. He struggles to take the entire length…at first. But with Paul gently thrusting deeper and deeper into his hungry, hot hole, Bruno relaxes and Paul slides home. Once inside, Paul builds up steam, his hips grinding into and against Bruno. Hot skin on hot skin, pumping, writhing and sweating, until Paul can no longer hold back all that hot-straight-boy seed. Want some? Check out Paul Walker and Bruno Fox in this exclusive scene from UKNakedMen!

Faster. Deeper. Wait! Don’t. Stop.

Aaron Steel comes to us at UKNakedMen, bringing his sexual fantasy along. It’s big, tanned, and toned hunk — not to mention hung! — Frank Valencia. Hairy bottom Aaron couldn’t wait to spread his beefy arse cheeks, bend over and get his hole filled and stretched to the max with Frank’s big dick. Turns out Frank’s a merciless fucker, pushing eager Aaron to the brink. Poor lad was begging for him to stop almost as much as he was begging for Frank to go faster and deeper. All in Spanish, of course, but you get the gist: Faster. Deeper. Wait! Don’t. Stop. Don’t stop! The big-dicked Spanish top is a born exhibitionist who loves to strip off and perform, just the thought of all those eyes on him. Knowing he’s being watched heightens the pleasures of this horny fucker until he absolutely cannot hold back his splattering cum. And it spews everywhere, but mostly all over Aaron’s big, hairy ass and gaping hole. Wanna see?

Weapon Of Mass Seduction Adrian Toledo

As series one of “Fuck Loving Criminals” comes to an end, who better to take us on a tour of the highlights than Antonio’s very own weapon of mass seduction, Adrian Toledo? The smoking hot Spaniard is dressed to kill as he surveys the site and can’t resist slipping out of his suit to release his achingly hard cock. And who can blame him? There’s something about an abandoned warehouse that’s sexy and hot even in it’s abandoned sadness. We get a good look at Adrian’s perfectly toned body from every angle while he works himself up to a big climax. Adrian lets loose with a big load that coats his tight abs. And that’s just the guide! Now, sit back, unzip, and enjoy the rest of the ride.

Fabio Lopez Gets Exactly What He Always Wanted…Big, FAT Dick!

Once upon a time, in the porn movie “Fuck Loving Criminals,” Fabio Lopez was a kept man. He belonged to Antonio Garcia but always had dreams of living what he considered the “perfect” life. Being kept, fed, and clothed wasn’t enough. Fabio wanted more. So he started scheming. Now, in this final — or is it? installment of FLC, we find out Fabio’s plan worked perfectly. He has the new life he wanted, in a new country, and a new “toy” of his own. Okay, so maybe toy is a bad choice of wording but one look at Delta Kobra and all you’ll be thinking of is how badly you’d like to play! Fabio and Delta spend their mornings in the pool and their afternoons in bed…fucking! Fabio’s smooth, tight, hole just can’t get enough of Delta’s thick uncut cock and neither can we. Fabio relishes Delta’s hairy, muscled torso slamming against his smooth body as his cock thrusts deeper and faster; until they both explode. Fabio is left clinging, shuddering and satiated. Now THIS is the life he’s always wanted.

Hung Daddy Masages The New Kid On The Block

Gio Cruz is a talented masseur with strong, probing fingers that are almost as sensitive as his thick, curved cock and warm, hot tongue. Mark Coxx, a relative new comer, is a lithe, toned, BIG dicked young man with a big appetite for hot studs, foreskins, and stiff tools. Is it any wonder then that he takes so well to Gio? What’s not to love? Gio can’t stop his wandering hands — that’s the horny Latin in him — and his oily fingers slip and slide into every slick crevice of Mark’s beautiful body. The young stud is getting much more than he bargained for as Gio over familiarizes himself with the eager bottom. But Mark’s not complaining. Who can he? Not with Gio’s dark, oily dick in his hand! Gio’s pushes strong fingers into Mark’s aching, twitching, hungry hole as we welcome the new kid on the block. We’re told Gio’s customers never refuse him and this handsome young man is about to become yet another notch on Gio’s massage table. Now, where did we leave our wallets? We need to schedule an appointment NOW!