Tony Thorn Preps Blue Bailey For A Slam Fuck

Whether you like your men big and hairy or short and smooth, contrast is frequently one of the hottest things in porn. This week, UKNakedMen features a perfect example: Tony Thorn and Blue Bailey. Tony is dark, uncut and handsome versus Blue, who’s smooth, insatiable and cut. Tony couldn’t wait to get up to his nuts in Blue’s hot little hole, slobbering and pushing spit into his arse with his tongue, prepping him for a slam-fuck. Stretching Blue’s clenched hole with his wet fingers and slapping his ass, Tony gets Blue even hornier. From the look on Blue’s face, it’s clear he loves riding Tony’s thick, dark dick. And when asked where he wanted Tony to shoot his pent-up, creamy load, there was no hesitation. “In my mouth!” Tony happily obliged the greedy pig, feeding Blue freshly churned cum straight into his mouth. What are YOU waiting for? Get on your knees, open wide, and stick your tongue out for Tony. So, join us. You’re next!

Newcummer Timmy Treasure Surrenders To Delta Kobra On The Wheel Of Misfortune

Fans of Delta Kobra are going to be drooling long before they’re done watching this scene, paired with newcummer Timmy Treasure. Delta is an incredibly sexy and hot man. But so is Timmy…in a different way. Just watching Delta slip into a pair of boot socks, then his boots, harness and leather cap, will be enough to get you hard if not dripping. Just wait until you see lucky Timmy — or unlucky, depending on your perception — on what some call the unholy Wheel of Misfortune. Timmy surrenders completely to Delta, strapped as he is to the Wheel. Delta, the wonderfully sadistic fucker, grips Timmy from every angle: from playing with his foreskin, sucking his dick and teasing his nipples, to feeding him cock. There’s even some borderline CBT, complete with tugging on balls, slapping cocks, and applying ever so much pressure…just enough to make it feel wicked good! And even when Timmy is released from the Wheel, it’s far from over. How much more can this poor submissive bottom endure in his UKNakedMen debut? Plenty! Delta sits his big, muscular hairy ass down on Timmy’s face then turns him over, stretches him wide and pounds him full of uncut dick before squirting a fat load of spunk all over the slut’s face.

Flip Flopping Fetish Fuckers

One of the bendiest, stretchiest, and flexible men in town has got to be stunningly handsome Misha Dante. And now he’s here, on UKNaked Men in his very first SIZZLING duo! When he spreads for Alfie Stone, this horny fucker REALLY spreads! Which only makes Alfie just as eager to slam his dick into Misha’s hole as he is to take Misha’s thick, uncircumcised dick into his own cock hungry, yearning man-cunt. After plenty of anal play, cock sucking, and hole rimming, Misha slam fucks Alfie until he can no longer hold back. He shoots his steaming seed in Alfie’s face but…WOAH! He’s not finished yet. After shooting his wad, the fucking continues. This time with Alfie relentlessly pounding Misha before unloading his own creamy goods all over Misha’s taut, hairy belly. And the entire time? Misha is rock hard. The true sign of a completely filthy cock whore!

Nearly Fucked Off The Sling

Our lithe, big dicked new boy, Kingsley Rippon, looses his hardcore cherry to the stunningly handsome and hairy Spaniard, Martin Mazza. Martin just can’t get enough uncut cock deep enough into his guts. However, Kingsley does the trick as he slides his veiny dick deep inside the insatiable bottom’s hot hole. In fact, Kingley slam fucks Martin, pounding him so hard he nearly brings the sling right off its chains! Ahhh, but where to unload? So many places to shoot a hot splash of seed. Will Kingsley choose to squirt his copious load of freshly churned cum all over Martin’s hairy chest, his newly battered fuckhole, or all over his swollen cock and balls? OR, should Kingsley tarnish Martin’s handsome, expectant, and bearded face with a humongous facial?

Be Careful What You Wish For

You know how they always say, “Be careful what you wish for?” Well, in so many instances, it’s quite true. And if you don’t believe us, just ask American hottie James Longhill. He’s new in town, in fact, just arrived in London. Thinking nothing could possibly happen to him, James asks a perfect stranger for a recommendation on something fun to do. Said stranger, Woody Fox, agrees to show him a “fun” time. But is it what James had in mind? You be the judge as he squirms, hard as a rock, under the control of Woody’s expert hands. From spanking to nipple play and everything in between, the definition of fun is so defined for James, as getting his face fucked, his hole played with, then stuffed and pounded full of hard Aussie cock. So the next time you ask a stranger a question, be careful what you wish for. Or, at the very least, be specific on the type of fun you’re looking for or you just might wind up like James, gagged, roped, and royally fucked!