Sharp Suits, Big Dicks, And Hot Men Antonio Garcia and Matt Brookes

Matt Brookes is a focused man and he’s determined on getting what he wants…one way or another. Antonio Garcia knows this and he’s playing it cool, as usual. When Matt suddenly tries a change in tactic, years of frustration and desire take over. Sharp suits and civil conversation are thrown aside as the hot men lunge at each other, feeding off their needs. Matt and Antonio give up big dicks and cum-laden balls to deep, tight, throats and hungry lips, rarely touched holes to eager, greedy tongues that seem to lap at their very core of their dark souls. There’s a sticky end to it all, naturally, with cum flying everywhere. But there’s yet another sticky end for Antonio.

Daddy/Son Duo Dirk Caber And Jace Tyler Wrestle For Top Position

Hot American Daddy Dirk Caber meets up with British lad Jace Tyler in an abandoned warehouse. There, the two suited men strip down to their jocks for a Daddy/son wrestling match. The fight is hard and the prize is submission: the winner gets to be on top. Though, if truth be told, when the top is Dirk, we’d argue the point that the TRUE winner is Jace, what with Dirk’s big hard cock slipping up to the hilt inside his tight, willing hole! But we digress. Jace is treated to one aggressive and passionate fuck, in about as many positions as when they were wrestling. Winner might take all in this Daddy/Son fight club but Jace gets a trophy of his own: a hot, gushing load of Dirk’s victory juice. Jace adds some of his own fresh jizz to the mix before the men collapse on the mat, exhausted and very wet!

Revenge Sex, Sweet And Sticky!

The second part of our ‘Studio of Sin’ series has a little bit of everything — all the things we hold near and dear to our hearts — intrigue, double-crossing boyfriends, sticky revenge and plenty of sex! If you remember, Antonio Garcia’s session with Johnny Hazzard was interrupted by Lucio Saints, who then dragged Johnny away for a good tongue lashing. That’s when Johnny’s partner comes looking for him. Jason Stark discovers Johnny riding hard on Lucio’s uncut monster meat. Fueled by a lustful desire and a thirst for getting even, Jason storms back into the studio and finds Antonio alone on set. He promptly jumps on the hung and hairy Italian Daddy and, since Antonio is already horned up, what’s a man to do when such a hot guy is clearly his for the taking? Exactly. That’s what we thought. So Antonio does what he does best. He takes. And trust us when we say that he takes more than most! With his throbbing cock thrusting home, Antonio rams mercilessly in and out of Jason’s hole until it’s gaping. Begging for a shower of cum, Jason is then left drenched and satisfied. But unbeknownst to him, Johnny’s friend Valentin Alsina, has been lurking in the shadows, watching. And jerking off. He steps out of the shadows and surprises Jason. He’s sprays his hot load all over Jason’s pretty face and says, “That’s for cheating on Johnny!” Aaahhh. Isn’t revenge sweet? And sticky, too!

Johnny Hazzard Manhandled And Plowed By Monster Hung Lucio Saints

Johnny Hazzard’s got a modeling gig and, while at the studio being photographed, hung Italian Daddy Antonio Garcia watches nearby. But Johnny’s erection won’t go down and he needs help. Taking the opportunity to fool around, Antonio slides his fat Italian meat into Johnny’s eager mouth and starts fucking his face. Then the Boss walks in. It’s Lucio Saints and he’s pissed. There’s no hanky panky unless someone is keeping him sweet! So what else can Johnny do but service the thick, uncut monster hung Latino? If big meat is your thing — and let’s face it, who doesn’t like huge juicy cock? — you’re going to love watching Johnny get warmed up with Antonio and finished off with Lucio’s large slab of beef sliding balls deep inside that tight little hole!

Boned At A Funeral

At the funeral of porn star JP Dubois, nine horny pall bearers are trapped in the morgue, with eight of them wondering “who is Adam?” With time on their hands, they suddenly have the opportunity to find out who, and why, Adam was a favorite fuck buddy of the deceased. We might have gone a little overboard at UKNaked Men with this macabre piece but it’s an all out, Europe versus America, Cut versus Uncut, and nine gloriously hot studs, all of them taking it in turn to fuck U.S. porn star Adam Herst’s. There are some VERY big dicks here filling Adam’s hole! He might be brave and he might be horny but with so much meat they have to hold him down for him to take it all. Everyone has their limits but this man is insatiable! And yet, the men batter Adam’s hole, hosing him down with cum, but it’s still not over for the hardest, horniest mourner in history!