We know thats one of the things you love so here’s a real corker. It belongs to the very sexy, Ram Itin ( possibly not his real  name). He’s bisexual, has a sex drive thats constantly in over drive and loves to show off. We filmed his first scene yesterday and if i’d had a tape measure handy i’d tell you the measurements, at the moment we’ll just have to go with ‘its a big un’. He was shooting with fellow first-timer David Walls, who, judging by his rock hard dick and huge, load of cum, was enjoying himself too.


The return of LUCAS

I can’t believe it’s over a year since we last saw Lucas in the Studio. We were so impressed with his performance in last year’s Sensory Pleasures video, we wanted to work with him again as soon as possible, but things happen, we have a busy schedule and time flies..
At last, he’s back and man, he’s looking good! Lucas had a great body last year, but he’s been working hard on improving it and when he removed his shirt there was a chorus of ‘wow’ from everyone in the studio.

chris2.jpgchris3.jpgWe’re so busy producing new videos we rarely get the chance to revisit our previous releases. It’s a while since I saw Sensory Pleasures and so it was only when he dropped his pants that I remembered why that video was so popular:
As well as being tall, handsome and a muscle god, Lucas is also beautifully hung.
He’s an amazingly talented lover and knows how to please a guy with his thick, uncut cock and cums in gallons.

So we’re very happy he’s back and so was his co-star Darren. When asked after the shoot how it was for him, Darren replied ‘fucking amazing!’
Lucas was right at home in Sensory Pleasures 2 and Darren’s no stranger to UKNM, having appeared in several solo sets and of course our Wedding Party videos, so this shoot like old times for all of us.