Sole Worship With Paul Walker and Bruno Fox

This week, UKNakedMen is pleased to feature Bruno Fox and Paul Walker. We explore one of Bruno’s long-term fantasies about servicing a hot, hung straight boy. When he found out who he would be filming with, the super-sexed foot fetishist jumped at the chance to play bottom to the stunning Paul. Then again, take a look at his stiff, veiny cock. Even the strictest of tops would have difficulty saying no to flipping for the sexy young hunk! Bruno bends over double and spreads his tight hole for Paul’s mighty meat. Oh, yes. He struggles to take the entire length…at first. But with Paul gently thrusting deeper and deeper into his hungry, hot hole, Bruno relaxes and Paul slides home. Once inside, Paul builds up steam, his hips grinding into and against Bruno. Hot skin on hot skin, pumping, writhing and sweating, until Paul can no longer hold back all that hot-straight-boy seed. Want some? Check out Paul Walker and Bruno Fox in this exclusive scene from UKNakedMen!

Well-Hung Brit Plays With Cut Cock And Shows Off Hairy Hole

Ty Bainborough. He’s certainly innocent-looking enough. But beneath that proper and “English-looking” gentleman’s surface lies a kinky and quietly dominating sensuality. Ty’s got a a beautiful cock and, although he’s cut, we can make exceptions. Not only is Ty handsome, he’s a WELL-HUNG cutie with a sexy voice and a smooth, toned body. As the adorable bi-sexual takes us on a tour of his cock, balls, and hairy hole, Ty pull on his impressive meat. We just love the massive head on it, definitely a a considerable mouthful! Then he kicks back and gets into his cock, all but forgetting about us, until the huge, copious amount of really THICK goo spews, leaving him a convulsing, twitching mess…that you’d probably love to clean up, wouldn’t you?

Masseur Dan Broughton Rewards Client Mark Coxx With A Cum Facial

Danny Broughton is a stunning boy-next-door. We couldn’t wait to get him on our massage bench. Nor could big, long-dicked Mark Coxx. Of course, you know where this is going. Who could remain professional with that muscula playground laid out in front of you? Mark’s hands wander and Dan is appreciative of the attention, judging by the rapid stirring of his uncut pole. Mark wraps his full lips over Dan’s dick and takes the shaft as deep down his throat as he can as Dan moans in ecstasy. We know where Mark really wants it and when his hole is good and open — spit-lubed with Mark’s probing tongue — Dan bends his handsome friend over the bench and slides his long uncut dick inside the lad. They’re on the bench and over the bench and the cameras are ‘right in there’ as Mark’s arse opens and Dan’s foreskin unfurls. That must have really hit the G-spot because Mark just can’t hold back any longer and cums a hot load as Dan pushes deeper, deeper, and deeper. And for a tight arse like that, lucky Mark is rewarded with a Broughton cum facial and loves every drop.

Victorian Doctor P.Q. Leer Inspects Patient’s Anal Cavity Intimately

Ready for a bit of Victorian sex? Well, okay. Maybe not Victorian necessarily but Darius Ferdynand, as Doctor P.Q. Leer, certainly has that historical flair in this curious scene with Jonny Kingdom. Turns out Jonny has a complaint. One the good doctor naturally has to inspect. Commanding his patient to strip, Darius is aroused by Jonny’s tremendous body. Not only is he ripped and toned, he’s smooth with a big cock to boot! But it’s not just his cock Darius is interested. He inspects, probes, and analyzes quite closely, the origin of Jonny’s complaint: he can’t take anything “up there.” And even when Darius offers an alternative solution that might help, the ever curious — but willing to try anything — Jonny persistently asks, “Is this normal?” We can’t say if it’s normal or not. After all, what’s normal? What we DO know is that Darius throws one hell of a fuck into Jonny, stretching and pumping his hole full of uncut cock. And Jonny just takes the prescribed treatment…balls deep…until he declares himself cured! But seriously, when you’re THAT hungry to be fucked, how cured are you, really?

Thugs Give Mechanic A Double Cum Facial

Tony Thorn and Jace Tyler are on a mission. With Josh fully distracted, the thugs have just enough time to enter, unload and leave. The operation goes smoothly and they’re soon back at HQ, celebrating their success with plenty of back slapping and hugs. It all leads to a kiss. Then another. Which only makes Tony and Jace come together like magnets. Their bonding becomes frantic as they pull at each other’s clothes, stripping one another to feast on naked flesh. Each takes his turn devouring and savoring foreskin, juicy cock, and hairy ass. But after a while, Jace needs more. He needs to feel his Tony thrusting inside him and the bearded, tattooed muscle hunk is delighted to oblige. Pushing Jace onto the car, Tony fucks him hard and deep. Well into their passionate fuck session, however, Tony spots mechanic Ben Felton watching from a distance, hard cock in hand. Tony and Jace are too close to cumming to bond with Ben but they invite him over all the same, happy to share their loads. Ben gets down on his knees and lets their hot jizz splatter onto face. He licks the last drops of cum from each cock as he feels the protein run down his chin and neck.