Fabio Lopez Gets Exactly What He Always Wanted…Big, FAT Dick!

Once upon a time, in the porn movie “Fuck Loving Criminals,” Fabio Lopez was a kept man. He belonged to Antonio Garcia but always had dreams of living what he considered the “perfect” life. Being kept, fed, and clothed wasn’t enough. Fabio wanted more. So he started scheming. Now, in this final — or is it? installment of FLC, we find out Fabio’s plan worked perfectly. He has the new life he wanted, in a new country, and a new “toy” of his own. Okay, so maybe toy is a bad choice of wording but one look at Delta Kobra and all you’ll be thinking of is how badly you’d like to play! Fabio and Delta spend their mornings in the pool and their afternoons in bed…fucking! Fabio’s smooth, tight, hole just can’t get enough of Delta’s thick uncut cock and neither can we. Fabio relishes Delta’s hairy, muscled torso slamming against his smooth body as his cock thrusts deeper and faster; until they both explode. Fabio is left clinging, shuddering and satiated. Now THIS is the life he’s always wanted.

Rogan Richards

just don’t know which way to turn this guy, Rogan’s arse is a work of art, but his hairy chest is stunning and his heavy, fat, uncut dick is a whopper, hmmm, all angles are good here. Such a horny, sexy masculine man.IMG_8644