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Logan Moore & Andro Maas

Duration: 24:02 min | Released: November 3, 2015

It certainly is NOT grim up north, as this bevy of Manchester hunks is going to prove - Lets slide into episode one of our estate agents series with the stunning, hairy, Logan Moore and the melts-in-your-mouth-melts-in-your-hand, fiery, red-head - Andro Maas. Logan introduces his prospective buyer to the city centre property, but Andro already has other things on his mind as he watches Logan's hot, firm basket in his snug, suit trousers. The guys wander through the apartment and find themselves looking down onto 'Canal Street' the gay area - ''Its okay if you like that sort of thing'' Logan's implying..something '' Oh but I do like that sort of thing'' Andro replies as their faces move closer, their lips parting, for a wet, chin-bristling snog. Two juicy, hard uncut cocks, one rampant bottom and one overly eager top, its a win win. LUV the bit where Andro plays with his pink, foreskin, red-heads have the most delicious foreskins ( my years of research has show) . Logan can't wait to slide his spit slick dick into Andro's pink fuck hole, and the two studs take an apartment tour of fuckery as they shag all over the property ( Logan grabbing and yanking Andro's stiff cock as Andro rides had me tenting my pants). These oversexed studs have been saving it up for days just for you, but where to cum.......?

Cast: Andro Maas, Logan Moore

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