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Raff Owen and Theo Ford

Brand spanking new hottie - Raf Owen is up to his nuts in strapping stud - Theo Ford - as we act out Theo's slip-sliding-sloppy-shiny oily fantasy. The stunningly, handsome masculine men get hands on, slathering each other with baby oil until they're toned bodies are shining and glistening. The boys slide all over each other and of course play with each others slick, uncut cocks, sliding their shiny faces into each others hot, slippy bum holes and eating out each others tight holes. Theo can't wait to feel Raff bumping groin to hip as Raff enters Theo's tight hole, sliding, tentatively deeper and deeper, his foreskin slides back with the pressure and friction of Theo's muscular arse. They fuck in a slip-sliding frenzy of sweat and oil until their cum loaded bollocks can hold back no longer. Theo's so eager to get more cock inside him he stands on his head to take Raff's steaming, stringy load all over his freshly fucked, aching hole. And for his porn debut Raff is of course rewarded with a creamy, cum facial

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